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1. Take a course on Udemy and learn Drupal 8 with it.

There are currently some courses on Udemy that you could take:

- A Drupal 8 Theming course (30% off)

- A Drupal 8 Views course (30% off)

- A Drupal 8 Modules development course (50% off)

2. Support on Patreon and do the weekly tasks there.

There are two types of subscriptions on the Drupal Up's Patreon page now 

5$ subscription option for supporting the Drupal Up's YouTube channel

10$ subscription with a weekly Drupal task to extend your Drupal knowledge.

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Drupal Up is a platform for learning Drupal ...

Drupal Dan promoting
The idea is though not just to be another platform with some boring videos but all the videos to be inspired by real-world problems. That means something that you will most probably need if you work with Drupal. We want you to be successful and we want to teach you everything we know about Drupal!
So watch the videos, try to follow and reproduce, ask questions and you will see you will be able to conquer this wonderful sea that Drupal 8 is.