Courses for learning Drupal 8

The best thing about our Drupal 8 video courses is that they are all inspired by real-world projects and that all the topics in them are actually knowledge that you will need when you are developing your own Drupal applications. Important part is to have exactly the resources you need when you are learning. To be able to quickly compare with the end files, ask the instructor and quickly resolve everything as you are in the process of learning.

The instructor is a Certified Drupal 8 Developer with more than 7 years of experience with passion to teach and share his knowledge.

Learn Drupal 8 module development with examples

It has never been better time to learn Drupal 8 module development. 

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That's because Drupal 8 is already the better technologically and the faster way to build Drupal applications (compared to Drupal 7).

Full introduction to Drupal 8 Views Course

Views in Drupal 8 is one of the main tools for presenting the content. With Views are built all the lists of content in the default Drupal 8 vanilla installation. The front page list, the admin content overview page, all the taxonomy term, user lists etc. Our Drupal 8 Views Course will go through all the main bells and whistles of this tool and will enable you to present your Drupal content the way you want!

Full introduction to Drupal 8 theming course in easy steps

Theming in Drupal 8 is a bit different than it was for the previous versions, so there are plenty of things for the developers to catch up with or learn. We've tried to structure this course in a way that you will dive with each video a bit deeper than the previous one and that you will gradually learn all the basic concepts there are to know about Drupal 8 theming.

Drupal Up is a platform for learning Drupal ...

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The idea is though not just to be another platform with some boring videos but all the videos to be inspired by real-world problems. That means something that you will most probably need if you work with Drupal. We want you to be successful and we want to teach you everything we know about Drupal!
So watch the videos, try to follow and reproduce, ask questions and you will see you will be able to conquer this wonderful sea that Drupal 8 is.