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Full introduction to Views in Drupal 8


With Views are built all the lists of content in the default Drupal 8 installation. The front page list, the admin content overview page, all the taxonomy term, user lists etc.

Knowing how to use Views means not only that you can add bells and whistles to those pages, to make them look as you wish but also that you can create complete new pages, blocks with content, featured articles lists and much more.

Full introduction to Drupal 8 theming in easy steps course


This is our video course on Drupal 8 theming. 

Drupal 8 is already the standard for the currently implemented Drupal websites - if you are going to be doing a Drupal 8 website - here there should be plenty of things to update about or learn.

In this video course we are trying to explain everything about Drupal 8 theming the simplest possible way with as much examples as possible.